Scented Paper

Imagine receiving an orange scented postcard, a chocolate scented bookmark, or a lily scented greeting card! Imagine a dessert menu that smells like apple pie!

Scented advertising is powerful and fun. Catch your customer's attention, entice them with your offering, and get them excited about your company!

Superior Products

Because we apply the scented coating to the entire side of a printed piece, your paper will have a wonderful, strong scent and will last indefinitely. Similar to "scratch and sniff" products, our advanced, proprietary application of microencapsulated scent creates scented papers like you've never seen.

Diverse Markets

We're easy to work with whether you're considering a custom product or a pre-designed item.

We invite you to learn more about scented advertising and olfactory marketing. Contact us to discuss ideas, request a quote, or find out more.

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